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    How to Build Social Media Profiles for your Business

     Introduction Since the introduction of the first social media platforms such as MySpace in the early 2000's, social media has been on the rise. Every year, it is seen steadily growing in importance. These days, if someone can't find anything about you online through a basic ...

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    Live Chat with Bob Veres, One Week Left!

    Don't miss out! Live Chat with Bob Veres As a financial advisor, you’re focused on helping clients manage their money. So how do you find the time to define what your digital marketing strategy should be?

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    Sitelive Spotlight: Holdfast Wealth Management

    This week's Sitelive Spotlight we're taking a look at a website whose content game is on point.

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    Topics: advisor websites, Blogging, content, Showcase, twitter for financial advisors, web design, spotlight

    How to Craft the Perfect Tweet... 140 characters or less. Kidding because if it was,  the post would be over about now.

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    Topics: financial social media, twitter for financial advisors, Social Media

    Is your Business on Social Media Overload?

    Article originally published on

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    Topics: facebook for financial advisors, google, LinkedIn for financial advisors, twitter for financial advisors, Social Media

    The Secret to Twitter Search

    With all the confusion involved in learning the ins and outs of social networking sites “search” is one item that seems pretty self explanatory.  Well, think again.  Twitter search is actually a powerful and complex tool that can help you find the best people to connect with in ...

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    Topics: how to use twitter, twitter for financial advisors, twitter search, Social Media

    Still Not Convinced Twitter is Here?

    Although the number of active Twitter users doesn't really compare to the amount that Facebook has, the power of Twitter's smaller (in comparison) user-base is incredible.

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    Topics: financial advisors on twitter, the power of twitter, twitter for financial advisors, Social Media

    Did you tweet and nobody heard? Learn how to get the most out of your posts.

    We'll admit, it's happened to us too. We'll carefully construct our 140 character tweet complete with a link and send it out in the Twitterverse. We wait patiently to see how many people will view our great article.. and we wait some more.. and hardly anyone clicks! So much for ...

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    Topics: Twitter, twitter for financial advisors, Social Media, social media guide for advisors

    How to: Create a Customized Twitter Background For Your Business

    As a financial advisor looking to get noticed, it makes sense to take advantage of each marketing opportunity. Creating a customized Twitter background is one of these perfect opportunities. While having a customized background won't get more people to actually click on your ...

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    Topics: How-To, twitter for financial advisors, Social Media, Social media for financial advisors, social media guide for advisors