Top 4 Websites Financial Advisors Should Be Using For Industry Updates

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Advisor Websites • Posted on Oct 21, 2022

You've had a great meeting with your client, resulting in a few changes to their financial strategy that you both feel confident and excited about.

Your client leaves and you look forward to your next session with them to share the exciting results from the adjustments made.

Later that day, you head out to meet a fellow advisor for dinner, who asks for your take on one of the most recent industry updates.

As they ask, your face drops.

You weren't aware of this, and it will definitely impact the client you just met with mere hours ago, and not in a good way...

As a financial advisor, it is necessary to remain up-to-date and current with industry news and market changes.

Your clients will expect it from you, as questions will surely arise about what their next steps should be based on the current financial environment.

Your prospects will need that reassurance that you are on top of the latest and greatest so that they can build trust with you and eventually hire you as their advisor.

Finding the most important and relevant news that will impact your existing and future clientele can be difficult and time-consuming.

The internet is saturated with content, including countless websites that will provide outdated or incorrect news.

Here are the 4 websites we recommend advisors consume every morning with breakfast.


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Top 4 Websites Financial Advisors Should Monitor For Industry Updates

1. Investopedia

It should come as no surprise that Investopedia is at the top of our recommendation list.

If you're new to the financial industry, or even if you've been active for years, then you more than likely already know about this website.

Even back when you were first considering a career in financial services, we would feel pretty confident betting that you've seen this resource before.

What makes Investopedia so great is the combination of current, up-to-date articles highlighted on their homepage, the simple website design across all devices, and the 'What Do You Need To Learn Today?' section of their homepage, as pictured below.

They also include a risk-free stock simulator, an online academy, and even a 'term of the day'. 


screenshot of investopedia website


2. Investment News

Investment News is one of the biggest players in financial industry news.

They have a respected opinion and are constantly creating content that can benefit most advisors.

They have a very user-friendly model, with items categorized by “Diversity”, “Fintech", “Retirement” and more.

News is their main pull, however, their blog and opinion pieces are excellent for understanding current trends in the industry as well.

They also highlight sections right on their homepage based on the type of content you're looking to consume - whether that's attending an upcoming event, watching a video or webcast, or listening to a podcast.




3. FA Magazine

FA Magazine is the hub for financial advisors who like to stay on top of the industry latest while also staying up to date on what's happening with other advisors.

Like most other sites, it has a prominent news section but it also has additional features such as a ‘calendar’ section.

This allows advisors to sign up for webcasts put on by the website as educational tools.

As you continue to scroll through the home page, you will notice that they organize the articles under categories, making it easier for you to find industry updates that would be most relevant to your clients.

At the bottom of the homepage, they also include a 'FA Centre of Influence', which provides comprehensive resources for advisors on specific topics.


Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 11.13.59 AM


4. CNBC’s Financial Advisor Hub

CNBC has a news section for finance which covers headlining finance news, but it also has a blog-type section called the Financial Advisor Hub.

The FA Hub boasts its own navigation menu, sorting a variety of resources such as the 'FA Playbook', 'Investor Toolkit', and 'Year-End Planning."

The first menu option is called 'Advisor Council', where you can take a look at the list of contributors to the Hub to determine if you trust the insights and perspectives that they are sharing.

Also, if you are interested in consuming video content, they share 'Financial Advisor Summit' videos, with the topic underneath so you can easily determine if the video will provide you with added value. 


there are a range of creative techniques on ThinkAdvisor.

In Summary

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

There are many more excellent websites out there that provide accurate and relevant market news for advisors.

However, trying to gather insight from more than 4 different sources is a surefire way to lead to burnout.

After all, you need to balance your time between staying up-to-date on industry news, managing your existing clientele, and marketing your services to grow your business.

All four of these sites will offer something slightly different.

Checking them every day can generate a mix of knowledge, to ensure that you will never be caught off guard by industry news and changes again.


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