Powerful Ways Financial Advisors Can Deliver Personalized Content to Clients

Joel Goobich @ Vestorly
Joel Goobich @ Vestorly • Posted on Oct 28, 2021

Powerful Ways Financial Advisors Can Deliver Personalized Content to Clients

In today’s hyper-competitive world, consumers seek out personalized experiences. It doesn’t matter if they’re buying a new car or searching for financial advice they can trust—personalized experiences work to provide consumers with the content, products, and services they need.

80% of consumers state they are more likely to purchase from brands that offer personalized experiences, according to studies from Epsilon.

Financial advisors can leverage personalized content to create long-term, fruitful client relationships.

With 98% of marketers agreeing that personalized content advances customer relationships, the time is ripe for financial advisors to take advantage of this powerful business tool. In fact, with a growing number of financial marketing platforms, such as Advisor Websites, offering safe and compliant content, there is no reason not to use these tools.


Why Content Personalization is Critical For Financial Advisors

What’s the one thing holding new financial advisors back from long-term success? Building a client relationship rooted in trust.

The financial advisor industry is based on mutual trust between both parties. It is the connective tissue that is the basis for every client engagement. And, financial advisors must gain the trust of their prospects and continuously build upon it as they transition prospects to actual clients.

Additionally, the advisor-client relationship is a highly personal one by nature. To succeed, clients must share intimate information with their advisors. This is where the necessary layer of trust comes into play.

Personalized content relies on personal data to create and/or curate highly relevant information for the end-user. And, 83% of consumers are comfortable sharing their personal information for a more personalized experience with brands and businesses.

Sharing personalized content with clients forms a bond unlike any other. Every time you send an article or piece of content to a client with a personalized note, you prove and effectively communicate that you’re constantly thinking about the wellbeing and betterment of your clients’ lives.

Leveraging personalized content changes the financial advisor conversation from a robotic or cold-natured tone to one of trust, caring, and comfort.


Effective Ways to Curate, Create, and Deliver Personalized Content

Utilize Ready-to-Share Curated Content

Clients love when content has been personally selected for them based on their interests or financial goals. This small act shows that their respective financial advisor has taken the time and put thought into the relationship.

With this in mind, financial advisors can use content curation or library tools to identify curated articles from specific content categories to share. Depending on your clients and financial advising practice, you could consider content from category topics that include everything from real estate investing to cryptocurrency to retirement accounts. The Advisor Websites Content Library equips you with ready-to-use articles, videos, and images that you can easily personalize for your clients Request a free demo of the content library

As you communicate with clients, pull relevant content from these various categories. Then, when you share this content with respective clients, add a personalized note as to why you are sending this content.

For example, you can include a note saying:

“Hi Bob, I came across this article on real estate investing you may find interesting as we look for properties that meet your goals. Check out the third paragraphI think you’ll find it speaks to the investing strategy we laid out for you.”


Base Content Curation Efforts on Financial Data

Advisors can also use client financial data and specific investment holdings to guide their content curation efforts. Again, adding a personal note to the client adds a cherry on top of the content cake! Financial advisors leveraging personalized content have enjoyed content curation benefits such as:

  • 270% increase in client engagement across email, social, and web efforts
  • 57% increase in click-through rates
  • 6.3 times more website lead conversions
  • 8+ hours saved per week


Add Content Curation to Your Financial Advising Practice

Personalized content can be the difference between a struggling financial advising firm and a successful one.

  • Sharing relevant content with clients shows you care about their financial and personal needs.
  • Personalized content works to build trust between advisors and clients.
  • Relying on content curation tools can save time and foster lasting client relationships.


Joel Goobich is Head of Sales & Marketing at Vestorly Inc.

Vestorly Inc. is a technology company whose AI-driven Content Management Engine (CME) uses machine learning and natural language processing to surface, curate and distribute original, third-party and licensed content. Vestorly’s content engine creates personalized content streams that increase audience engagement and enhance brand awareness.


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