Crisis Communication Plans: The ideal way to communicate with clients

Marketing • Posted on Mar 16, 2020

With the current COVID-19 situation at hand, now is the time to review your client communication plans. We’re not talking about the weekly emails, or monthly phone check-ins but rather, how you and the rest of your practice will look to disseminate essential information to your clients.

Critical vs Non-Urgent Information

Client communication plans will allow you to send the right information at the right time, while avoiding sending out panic or inappropriate emails. The first step of building your plan is to know that there is a difference between critical and non-urgent information.

During an emergency or other significant event, people do not need or want non-urgent information. This is the time to reassess the type of marketing communication that’s being put out there and adjusted so that it’s appropriate and timely. Vital information should be done efficiently, and on all major channels, including at your physical location, throughout social media channels, and the website.


Email Communications

If you need to contact your client base, email is usually the best communication method unless you need to talk to specific clients. In all of your email communication, make sure to keep it short, clean and concise. As well, add in your contact information to allow your clients to contact you in case they have further questions or provide them with a link to book an online appointment (if you’re able to).

The key to effective communication via email is to use straightforward language and make it as easy as possible to find additional information, such as links to your website or blog, and always signing off with your contact info.


Avoid The Want To Be Cute Or Funny

There have been countless companies that have tried to make the latest crisis into a viral marketing campaign. Whether it is a food delivery service that claims they will deliver through a hurricane or beer companies marketing having a beer together during a medical emergency, it never works. The best course of action is to avoid trying to be cute or funny and simply deliver the information your clients need.


Makes Sure To Talk To Your Staff And Fellow Advisors

One of the most significant faults in communication plans is the lack of a plan to contact the rest of the office! You are not always in the office and keeping everyone from your assistant to the Vice President up to date on the latest information is essential for clear communication. Your clients may need information now, and having a clear communication plan for your office will ensure this is possible.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are a one-person office, or a large firm, everyone can and should create a communication plan. Your communication plan will be your bible during a time in need. Key takeaway; clear, concise and easy to understand information is critical for communication during difficult times.


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