A Simple but Effective Process for Converting Referrals

Maribeth Kuzmeski
Maribeth Kuzmeski • Posted on Oct 21, 2013

Discussing how you can acquire referrals is a frequent topic. But what about after you’ve worked so hard to acquire those referrals? Do you have a process that ensures that you actually get in front of the prospect?

Below is what we call the Red Zone Referral Process (because converting referrals truly is a red zone moment). This has been used by many of the clients at Red Zone Marketing to successfully convert the referrals they receive into sales.

Red Zone Referral Process for Your Team

1. Referral is received from a client with name and contact information.

2. Within 24 hours ADVISOR reaches out via phone/email to the referral to request a phone or in-person appointment. This information is emailed to ASSISTANT.

3. ASSISTANT adds the new contact into the database. This person will be added to lists for events, etc. This information entered into the database triggers the next step.

4. ASSISTANT prepares a referral note/gift to send to the person who referred. This should include a personal note from the advisor. This information is entered into the database triggering the next step.

5. Within 24 hours after ADVISOR call, ASSISTANT calls to follow up and schedule a call/appointment. ASSISTANT calls 2 times per week until the contact is reached. This information is entered into the database triggering the next step.

“Hi, I’m calling for ADVISOR. You were referred to us by _____________. ADVISOR said he reached out to you and is looking forward to talking for a few minutes. He asked me to follow up to see if I could get a quick call time scheduled for the two of you to make introductions. Would sometime next TUESDAY work?”

6. ADVISOR calls the person who gave the referral (or sends an email) to thank the individual, inform them of the process, the progress you are having reaching the person, etc. Make this call every week (or some regular and periodic amount of time) so that you are in front of the client involved letting them know that you care about this and you are “on it.” This information is entered into the database triggering the next step – until the person becomes a client or officially does not.

It is a simple process but has been proven to work. What is your process to make sure you convert the referrals you have worked so hard to acquire?


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