Get Existing Clients to Invite People to Your Events

Dr. Len Schwartz
Dr. Len Schwartz • Posted on Aug 21, 2012

This Financial Advisor marketing strategy is not necessarily a marketing strategy, but a system (specific dialogue) to help you get more people to attend your event, seminar, workshop, tele-class, lecture, etc.

If you’re a Financial Advisor that holds tele-classes, lectures, seminars, workshops or events, you want to get your existing clients to bring their friends, family members, co-workers or neighbors to that event. Those "friends" are more pre-qualified than anyone you could attract to your event.

I am going to provide you with the exact dialogue: “Mary, I’m having a lecture on the 18th. I only have room for 15 people in my waiting room. Although I have a big direct mail initiative in place, I’m asking all of my clients first, because Mary, I would prefer to have friends, family, co-workers or neighbors of my existing clients before I let anyone in from the outside. So Mary, let me ask you a question. Do you have any friends, family, co-workers or neighbors who might be interested in learning about ________” (and then whatever the topic is, on that particular night).

This is a fantastic way to tap into your existing clients and make them feel like they are part of a special VIP club...“Inner Circle”. People like to be a part of a special club, the “insiders club” as I like to say. It’s a great way to fill your room before you ever do any advertising for the event. And, as you know, anyone referred to you is going to be a pre-qualified prospect...and not just a stranger coming in for the first time.

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Dr. Len Schwartz

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