Your Silver Bullet - What is it?

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Silver Bullet is a Coalition Working Towards Financial Industry Technology Integration

If you're familiar with technology, then you know that it doesn't always make life easier. Incompatible platforms and technologies make your IT specialist or tech-geek a cherished godsend. Fortunately, financial advisor technology companies recognize this, and have come together for an exciting community called Your Silver Bullet.

The goal behind Your Silver Bullet is simple - to develop and maintain software that "plays well" together and is designed specifically for financial advisor industry applications. Leading portfolio accounting management systems, planning applications, and CRM systems will work together with improved cross-platform functionality. While the full solution does not yet exist, member organizations of Your Silver Bullet are committed to making applications that are compatible with those of other developers, joining together to meet your business needs both in the present, and in the future.


Topics: General, integration, technology for CFP, technology for financial advisors