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Fiona Leung
Fiona Leung • Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Advisor Websites Priority Support - More Tickets, More Phone Calls

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Advisor Websites priority support. This feature will allow customers to submit 5 more tickets per month. It will also allow for an extra 30 minutes of phone support per month. There is a fee of $40 per month for this priority support feature.

You may have already heard about our award-winning support service. If you haven't then where have you been? Advisor Websites' support team is best known for their amazing satisfaction ratings that never fall below the high 90s as well as their incredibly fast reply times that gets Flash making a run for his money.


Despite our mind-blowing and jaw-dropping support service, we recognize that sometimes you wish you could just have your support tickets replied to first, bypassing everyone else's. You know, like jumping to the front of the line similar to how you would with a FastPass at Disneyland.


Taking the analogy of Disneyland's FastPass above, we applied the same concept to our ticketing systemWith our new Priority Support offer, you can now have your support tickets answered first! Whoo-hoo! 

Here's more about this cool, new offer.

What Is It?

Priority Support is exactly what its name means- your support tickets that you send in are prioritized above everyone else's, allowing your request to be looked at and replied to first


Now, it's important to note that although Priority Support allows you to jump ahead of the waiting line, this does not mean that your request will be completed faster. We can only promise that all your tickets will jump to the head of our ticketing queue. 

The benefits of Priority Support doesn't just end there though; with this offer, you can also submit an additional 5 tickets a month and get an additional 30 minute call with us! 

Why Use It? 

So why use Priority Support? Here's a breakdown of the benefits as mentioned above:

  • Your tickets will jump to the head of the queue, allowing your request to be replied to first!
  • You can submit an additional 5 tickets a month!
  • You get an additional 30-minute call with our Support Team!

In essence, you'll be getting more out of our award-winning support team! Now what's not to like about that?

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How To Get It? 

For $40 a month, you can reap the benefits of Priority Support.  Sign up today through this link! 

If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to this offer, please feel free to contact us at 


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