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Alex Wingert
Alex Wingert • Posted on Mar 27, 2015

At Advisor Websites, we eat, sleep, and breathe our core values. Well, that may not be entirely accurate, but it's not far from the truth.

Why do we have core values?

  • They help us look for specific traits during recruiting
  • They help us see if employees are a good cultural fit once hired
  • They serve as a constant reminder of what we're all about at Advisor Websites

Without further ado, here are the core values that Advisor Websites lives by:

Make It Happen

This core value is all about having a can-do attitude. There are definitely times when tasks or assignments come up that require sheer hard work and dedication to complete. Without having the determination to make it happen, our company wouldn't be where it is today!

Build a Team We Love

This one's pretty self explanatory. Why wouldn't you want to work with your friends? At Advisor Websites, we routinely make a point of doing nice things for our colleagues, and it's all because we're building a team we love.

Create Wow Experiences

We are CRAZY about client satisfaction. If we can go out of our way to create a wow experience, we do it. Week in and week out, we get thoughtful praise from advisors about the work we do. This mentality trickles throughout Advisor Websites. After all, we would be nothing without our clients, so we may as well make them happy!

Think Forward

As a technology company, it's pretty important for us to plan ahead and think forward. Whether we are brainstorming product updates and new integrations, or mapping out the year's budget, we always want to stay a couple steps ahead of where we are today.

Ok, having core values are great, but how do we enforce them, and make sure we don't forget what they are and what they stand for?

First of all, we have them plastered on the wall as soon as you walk into our office, kind of hard to miss.

Secondly, every Wednesday during our weekly huddle we nominate our colleagues for living out our core values. Doing this really brings the team together as we get to formally recognize individuals for being awesome.


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