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Marketing • Posted on Jun 20, 2018

As the title suggests, SSL certificates are HOT right now. For those of you who're not sure what an SSL certificate is; it stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a feature that adds an extra level of security to your website. In the age of hackers, personal data scandals and internet paranoia, you simple cannot afford to not have a secure website.  

Oh, and Google will mark your website as "NOT SECURE" if you don't have an SSL certificate come July. 


The letter "s" in your website address will make a whole lot of difference for your lead generation efforts in the latter half of the year and onward. You guessed it, it's that one here:




By industry experts' estimations, Google will be marking roughly 2/3 of the web as unsafe. You DO NOT want to be in that bucket!

HTTP is a relic by today's standards. It’s a communication protocol while it did work for a good period of time, it not secure by any means. In simpler words,  an HTTP connection with a website allows the possibility of someone with malicious intent to eavesdrop on the connection and steal or manipulate any data transferred.

HTTPS on the other hand, is secure. When you connect to a website with an SSL certificate (HTTPS), the data being sent is encrypted. Translation; if that guy with the malicious intent doesn't have the key to decrypt the data, it's worthless.

That's not the only benefit though. HTTPS also blocks ISPs (internet service providers) from injecting ads on your website. Nobody wants that, right? We're exposed to enough ads everyday already. 

Oh and did we mention HTTPS is simply faster and performs better than HTTP? Well, now you know. 

Are you panicking yet? If you are, take a deep breath and relax, because we have a solution for you. 

The coveted SSL Certificates are available to all Advisor Websites Clients for a one time fee of $89! And you get to keep it as long as you stick with us! Isn't that a sweet deal?!

This add-on is available for our current clients.

To reserve your own SSL certificate, visit this page and submit your request. It's that easy.

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