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With all the confusion involved in learning the ins and outs of social networking sites “search” is one item that seems pretty self explanatory.  Well, think again.  Twitter search is actually a powerful and complex tool that can help you find the best people to connect with in your local area.

At the most basic level, type a word into Twitter and it will search and retrieve all Tweets containing that word.  It WILL NOT search bio info or the actual name of a user. However, with over 50,000,000 Tweets sent daily, a simple search will not likely yield the results you are looking for.

Enter advanced Twitter search.  By adding a few simple characters (referred to as operators) you can not only find people who are tweeting about “life insurance” but find those living within a 10mi radius of your city. Here are a few of my favorites:

life insurance – containing both “life” and “insurance”. This is the default operator.

“life insurance” – containing the exact phrase “life insurance”.

“long term care” OR “LTC” – containing either “long term care” or “LTC” (or both).

#annuity – containing the hashtag “annuity”.

@insurancemktg – referencing person “insurancemktg”.

“life insurance” near:”san francisco” – containing the exact phrase “life insurance” and sent near “san francisco”.

near:NYC within:15mi – sent within 15 miles of “NYC”.

“life insurance” since:2010-09-01 – containing “life insurance” and sent since date “2010-09-01 ” (year-month-day).

annuity-sell – containing “annuity”, but not “sell”

annuity :(– containing “annuity” and with a negative attitude.

annuity :)– containing “annuity” with a positive attitude.

401k? – containing “401k” and asking a question.

By using the advanced features of Twitter search you can go even deeper than plain text queries and discover what people in your community are talking about right now.  This is your chance to join the conversation. Answer questions, follow local opinion leaders, and contribute valuable content.

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