The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Brain [Infographic]

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Wow check out this infographic from Hubspot braking down the brain of an effective marketer. If you're anything like me, and get asked far too many times, "soooo you go on Facebook for your job?" check out this infographic. There is a lot of art and science that the modern content marketer needs to take into consideration.

For Example:

Strategy -- 66% of marketers cite acting on data to improve marketing performance as a top priority

Application -- Companies that put data at the center of marketing/sales decisions improve marketing ROI by 15%-20%

Quality -- 64% of the best-in-class have a well-established process of cleansing marketing databases

Analysis -- 30% more time spent analyzing marketing performance data yields 3x higher open rates and 2x clickthrough rates

Targeting & Segmentation -- Segmented email campaigns produce 30% more opens than undifferentiated messages

When applying this data to your financial marketing, it is important to really consider two areas, analysis and creativity. Of course content at its core needs to be engaging and original in order for it to be consumed, and for you to be seen as a source to return to.

However, it is also important to test and measure. We here at Advisor Websites often discuss measurement as one of the three key steps to succeeding online. If you set goals/targets to hit, analyzing the results becomes a crucial facet to any marketers job.

For more information on the Effective Marketing Brain, check out the post below.


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