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As September is a time of shifting from vacation to back to work mode, it is also time to start working with clients who you enjoy, who would benefit from your products and services and who provide you with revenue.

As a business coach, I can be of assistance as you to build a clear picture of your ideal client. You’ll be able to succinctly answer the question, "What kind of clients are you looking for?"

A few of the benefits of working with your Ideal Clients are:

Less stress, as you are working with clients that you like
Focuses your marketing campaigns
More revenue opportunities
Your time and effort is respected and valued
Streamline your business as you work with similar clients
Easier to decide which prospects to take on

Send me an email at and ask about my new program "Defining Your Ideal Client in 3 Easy Steps”.

I also have copies of my new book, “101 Success Tips and Strategies for Financial Advisors”, available in soft cover and E-book, which can be ordered at .

Rosemary’s book provides a great series of suggestions on a wide range of practice issues, whether you’re new to the world of financial advising or a veteran of the industry. While many of the ideas may simply seem “common sense” the reality is that it’s almost impossible to think of everything in the moment. Rosemary’s tips are so effective specifically because they’re so relevant, practical, and straightforward, and serve as a great reminder to keep a whole range of issues top of mind for whatever you’re tackling in your business.

- Michael Kitces, Partner and Director of Research for Pinnacle Advisory Group ( and Publisher of the financial planning blog Nerd’s Eye View (

Rosemary Smyth MBA, ACC
Int’l Business Coach for Financial Advisors


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