Social Media Minute Podcast: Understanding the Culture of Your Business

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“How do I understand my business’ culture or vibe before I begin posting online?”  This is a very popular question we have received from our listeners in response to other podcasts we’ve shared. The answer is really quite simple: do what you do best!  Take your personality into account and incorporate it into your online strategy.  There are some examples of financial advisors and other business professionals who find that perfect balance of blending the personal and professional online.  They post about their interests and hobbies on social media as well as content related to their business.  Some have found this to be a successful way of building relationships online.  Others prefer to stick to business and keep personal matters separate online. Both methods can build relationships, it’s just a matter of choosing what works best for you and your business.  For more advice, tune-in to the Social Media Minute below!

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