The Secrets to Video Marketing for Financial Advisors

Watch the replay of our webinar below, scroll to the bottom of the page for webinar notes.


Webinar Hosted By:

Lester Tiro

Partnership Manager
Advisor Websites

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With Special Guest:

Jill Addison -

Digital Marketing Expert & Video Specialist

Founder of FA Client Machine

Jill Addison Headshot.png
Webinar Notes 

In this previous webinar we covered the following topics:

  • The best and most efficient ways to use video content to get new clients and referrals
  • Why video is working so well and why it's a must to leverage video marketing in 2017
  • How video accelerates every other marketing strategy you have, so it's not just one tool
  • How your videos pre-dispose your ideal prospects to become your clients before you ever meet with them
  • and many more..

Registration Questions Answered:

  1. How to use video on social media channels and website to obtain prospective clients?
  2. How do you reach a 55 and over age group with video marketing?
  3. What is the ideal length of a video posting?
  4. What are the pros & cons of a Powerpoint "video" (ppt slideshow with narration)?
  5. I am already creating videos but have very little views, how do I start getting more views on my videos?

Links and Resources provided during the webinar:

Financial Advisor Whiteboard Videos:

FA Client Machine:  

How to Prospect Online: