Improving Client Business Relationships Through Redtail Technology and Advisor Websites


View our recent webinar below with Christopher Gonzales from Redtail Technology as we answer your most frequently asked questions. 

Webinar Hosted By

Lester Tiro

Partnership Manager
Advisor Websites

lester tiro.png

With Special Guest

Chris Gonzalez

Partner Relationship Manager
Redtail Technology

chris gonzalez.png


Webinar Notes:

During this presentation, we answered the following questions:

  1. How does the integration with Redtail and Advisor Websites work? Does it require a lot of effort to set up?
  2. What is the impact of my website/CRM integration on my business? What would I get out of it?
  3. What makes Redtail unique to financial services industry? How is it different compared to other CRMs?
  4. How to create a focused website that sets up consumers for future opportunities?
  5. How can I best optimize lead generation and social media with Redtail CRM?
  6. How does a CRM like Redtail help me get my business in front of an audience that's known to be rather disconnected, such as the baby-boomers?
  7. How do I set up effective workflow processes in Redtail?
  8. How secure/safe would my data be with Redtail? Do you run backups?