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    Banner, Bio, & Blog - The 3 'B' Video Approach for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents

    The blog theme this month has centred around technology and the various tools you can integrate with your website - turning it into an online hub for your clients and prospect - and while video may not technically be a 'tech tool,' it is definitely a 'higher tech' option you can ...

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    Topics: integration, Technology, Video, technology

    Responsive vs. Mobile-Friendly Websites: The Tech Confusion

    While today's generation aims to become evermore technologically advanced, various forms of website design has been deemed a hot topic of current discussion. As terms such as "responsive" and "mobile-friendly" are continuously juggled during tech talks, their distinct ...

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    Topics: Advisor Websites, Design, General, responsive design, Technology, web design, mobile friendly, websites

    The Financial Technology Trifecta

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    Topics: CRM, Integration, lead generation, Technology, Webinar, tech tools, technology

    Do Robo-Advisors Use Excel?

    With robo-advisors on the rise, many real advisors are concerned for the safety of their practice.

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    Topics: integration, robo-advisor, Technology, technology

    4 Factors To Keep in Mind While Testing Your Website for Browser Compatibility

    Before your website goes live, it's important to test your website extensively to make sure that it is compatible with current desktop and mobile browsers. If your website doesn't load correctly on a device, you could be alienating a significant portion of your audience from ...

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    Topics: advisor websites, financial advisor website design, Technology, web design, technology

    CRM And Marketing Automation, A Match Made In Heaven

    Technology has impacted modern sales strategy to the point that most companies are now scrambling to update marketing systems with contemporary tools that help make their campaigns more attractive to potential customers. Today’s sophisticated CRM platforms offer marketing ...

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    Topics: advisor websites, CRM, Financial advisor marketing, financial web marketing, marketing ideas for financial advisors, Technology, Marketing

    4 Ways WhatsApp Changed Communication Forever

    4 Ways WhatsApp Changed Communication Forever What’s up with communication these days? No more need for texting (let alone limitless plans) thanks to WhatsApp. Dubbed a “cross platform instant messaging subscription service,” it’s basically like using Gchat or Yahoo! messenger ...

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    Topics: future trends, global communication, marketing opportunity, Technology, whats app, marketing communication, marketing reach, Sales Ideas, Social Media

    Advise for Advisors Looking to use PFM Tools

    Last week, we were treated with an insightful personal finance management tools roundtable discussion, lead by expert and founder of my Virtual COO, Jennifer Goldman. 

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    Topics: Technology, personal finance management

    Top 6 Productivity Tools for Financial Advisors

    Last Thursday, April 17, we were lucky to have two financial experts lead our round table discussion on Integrating Technology into your advisor firm. Michael Kitces, of The Nerds Eye View, and Roger Whitney, of Plan Well & Invest Wisely, thrilled our audience on topics ranging ...

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    Topics: financial advisor technology, Technology, tech tools for advisors