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“Time is money; continually look for ways to do things faster and better” - Brian Tracy.

That quote already sums up why it’s important to use an online scheduling tool as a financial advisor. But to elaborate, as business owners it is advantageous to use the tools available to help you save time and money.

Something that requires a lot of time, and hassle, is the back and forth of finding a suitable time to have a meeting with a client or prospect (aka ‘playing phone tag’). With advancements in scheduling tools, finding a convenient meeting time has never been easier.

These days there are so many time-poor people. So, anything you can do to save time, such as avoid wasting precious minutes trying to find a convenient time to have a meeting, is worth it.


What is an online calendar scheduling tool

You already use an online calendar, so why would you need another one? By using an online scheduling tool, you’re making it easier for your clients and prospects to book meetings with you. 

It doesn’t stop there though, here are a bunch of other benefits of using an online scheduling tool:

  • Sync with your existing calendar, so you have one master link to send to clients and prospects.
  • The ability to have different meeting types (i.e. 15 minute free consultation, 60 minute portfolio review).
  • Can pre-set block out times so you’re not bombarded with meetings.
  • Can create buffers between meetings so you never have to worry about back-to-back meetings without 15 or 30 minutes in between (or whatever buffer time you set).
  • Convenient to choose a suitable time as you can only see available time slots.
  • You can send a link to a client or prospect for them to book themselves in.
  • Ability to embed your calendar onto your website so you never miss a new lead opportunity.
  • Decrease no-show rates with automated meeting confirmations and reminders.
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When it comes to choosing an online scheduling tool, here are some things to consider.

  • Compare key features of different platforms.
  • Size of your business.
  • Options to create different meeting types (i.e. 15 minute free consultation, 60 minute portfolio review).
  • Check hidden costs (i.e. pay per user, pay per meeting type).
  • Ensure the key features you need are on the pricing plan you're wanting to pay.
  • Ability to embed calendar link on your website.
  • Two-way calendar sync and integrations with what you’re already using.
  • Integration with your CRM for capturing leads.
  • Whether you have to have their branding, including brand name, shown on the calendar.


Here are our Top 5 Online Scheduling Tools for Financial Advisors

Meeting Maker

1. MeetingMaker

MeetingMaker is an online scheduling tool from Advisor Websites. It is the only online scheduler specifically geared towards financial advisors, and it easily integrates with their existing website.

  • Two way calendar sync and integrations (i.e. Google Calendar, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, Microsoft 365)
  • Video conferencing integration (i.e. Zoom, GoToMeeting)
  • Lead capture capabilities
  • Custom confirmations and reminders
  • Various meeting allocations (i.e. one-on-one, group, round-robin)
  • Unlimited custom meeting types
  • Branded with your own business colours
  • $12-$15 monthly fee*

*pricing based on month-to-month or annual payment.


2. Calendly

Calendly is one of the most popular calendar tools in the current marketplace, as it is generic, easy to use, and has a free (but limited) option. 

  • 3 tier pricing plans
  • Integrates with other calendars (i.e. Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365)
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails/texts
  • Option for different meeting types*
  • Can remove Calendly branding*

*available on higher price plans


3. Agendize

Agendize is more than just an online appointment scheduling tool, as they also offer a CRM solution. It’s a two-in-one platform, which isn't always relevant to financial advisors who already have a CRM in place.

  • Calendar and CRM functionality
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Synchronized with other calendars (i.e. Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365)
  • Email confirmation and reminders
  • Can link with Google My Business reviews
  • Store your contacts in your Agendize CRM


4. OnceHub

OnceHub offers two scheduling products; 

  1. ScheduleOnce - aimed at mass scheduling of initial screenings and discovery calls (top of the funnel),
  2. InviteOnce - create personalized meetings (middle of the funnel).

It’s a bit confusing with the two products, but essentially they are targeted at small to medium-sized businesses, with InviteOnce offering a very targeted calendar option for your organization. Key features include:

  • Integrates with other calendars (i.e. Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365)
  • Integrates with virtual meeting tools (i.e. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeing)
  • Two pricing plans to suit size of company
  • GDPR and Accessibility compliant


5. TimeTrade

TimeTrade is one of the original company’s in online calendar scheduling tools, and has a solution tailored to financial services.

  • Set objectives to match meetings with the right advisor
  • Ability to book meetings via website, email, social media, phone and text
  • Integrates with virtual meeting tools (i.e. Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeing,
  • Four pricing options


Depending on the size of your business and the particular features you require, there is an online scheduling tool perfect for you. 

That’s our round up of five scheduling software tools that you can use as a financial advisor to better manage your resources, which includes time, money, and most importantly, people.

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