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"Branding" is probably a word you've heard many times before, but are only vaguely familiar with. In the world of digital presences, it can make or break you. These days, companies need to be innovative. Surviving is not enough; brands need to thrive. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Apple, and Google have innovated the way we think of a brand. Nobody can see the Macintosh logo and not think of apple. Google is recognized worldwide by their famous "G" and multicolour letters. Branding is, essentially, introducing your business to the world. What makes you memorable? What do your guests automatically associate with you? It should come as quickly as thinking of the Apple logo. If this all seems a little overwhelming and you're not sure where to start, we've compiled a few great tips for you below!

Logos for financial advisors


A logo is key to your business. What does yours mean? Does it have a story behind it? An excellent example of a meaningful logo is Arc'teryx. Their logo is somewhat indiscernible upon first glance; it looks like a cross between a dinosaur and some sort of animal remains. In reality, it is the Archaeopteryx Lithographics, the remains of the first reptile ever to develop feathers for flight. The background story from this logo, defines what the company is all about. For Arc'teryx, that is taking flight and being free through outdoor sports and activities. Evidently, this will be different for you as a financial advisor. But if such a wide variety of corporations can do it, why can't you?

Website design for financial advisors

Website Design/Graphics

Following along the same trends as the importance of logos, comes the importance of design. Everything associated with your company should look similar, if not the same. From your website, to your blog formatting and promotional content. A cohesive and uniform graphics scheme will solidify your business's image. In a perfect world, you want a customer to see your content with no information provided, but still know it's you. Think of Target as a great example. All their content is red and white, and follows the same design. When you see it, you recognize it. 

Social media for financial advisors

Social Media

You've heard it before and you'll hear it again, quite possibly until the end of time. Businesses need social media! However, it's not just about posting miscellaneous items on your feeds and hoping something will get lots of likes, there should be a uniformity to it. Colour schemes and design themes are one thing to keep in mind, but having a customer service oriented approach may be something of great interest. Some brands have really excelled at this by taking a certain approach to all their interactions on social media. An excellent example is using humour like Wendy's and other brands when interacting with customers. Choose the type of tone/personality you want your social media to have, and go with it!

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Branding, logos, and mascots for financial advisors


As many people know, the Advisor Websites team is headed by none other than Marbles the Moose. Marbles is our mascot and has often been the face of our company. Having something or someone similar to Marbles is a great asset. Essentially, it means giving your brand a personality. This is yet another thing which allows you to stand out, and with this people will recognize your business instantly. 


Branding can seem like a lot of work at first, which is why you should get started now! There's a reason some companies are known for such things as their logos, mascots and social media presences. When it comes to branding, it's all about being unique and standing out from the crowd. You've got what it takes, so get creative and enjoy the process!