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How to Write a Financial Advisor Biography

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important for your marketing strategy. Google runs the show in the online space and if you can’t prove to them that you have a valuable site with interesting content, it makes life extremely difficult for you when lead generating. 

You want to be easily found as a financial advisor. Being placed on the 2nd or 3rd page on Google is a dark place to be. 

This topic tends to be an unknown entity where many are unsure about how to have “good SEO”. Luckily, we’ve broken it down for you into 3 sections for what you need to do to get fully optimized!

Google Configuration

  • Registering and optimizing your ‘Google Business’ listing.
  • Configuring Google Maps identification for high visibility.
  • Submitting your custom sitemap to Google.

Site Optimization

  • Implement title tags and meta descriptions for site pages to increase visibility.
  • Optimize image and content loading times on your page and integrate with social media.
  • Build internal page aliases with SEO friendly keywords.

Analytics, Reporting & Sustainment

  • Create a Google Analytics account to collect your specific site data.
  • Build a customized editorial calendar to simplify publishing dates and times.
  • Identify key metrics to analyze results.


This seems like quite an intimidating list hey? Well do not worry as we can handle all of these for you with our new SEO Lite Service! This is available for our current clients.

After a 30 minute consultation to deliver our SEO material and boost your SEO rankings, you will be flying to the top of people’s web searches. Check out the package here and chat with one of our experts to boost your business!


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