(Infographic) Millennials and Their Finances

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Millennials make up a large section of investors in North America. Find out where their money goes and their preferences when money is involved. presents

Millennials and Their Finances

High Expectations 

87% of Millennials expect protection from a financial downturn
78% of Gen Xers expect financial education

Limited Time

More than 50% of Millennials wouldn't spend more than an hour getting financial advice
62% get advice from their partner or spouse


In developed countries, 54% of Millennials started or planned to start their own business, while 27% are already self-employed


57% of Millennials would change their banking relationship for a better technology platform
90% of Millennials check their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking

People Still Matter

82% appreciate personal meetings with their financial advisor and only 10% of decisions are made alone


Author: Bryn Evans

Topics: finance, financial advisors, fintech, millennials

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