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For those who're not familiar with what an SSL Certificate is; it stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a feature that adds an extra (and necessary) level of security to your website. In the age of hackers and personal data scandals, your website security is not something to sleeping on. Here are 3 reasons why having an SSL Certificate is a necessary component to your website.

1. Protects you and your clients' data from information theft

If your website does not have an SSL Certificate and is therefore not secure, you’re susceptible to the possibility of someone with malicious intent eavesdropping on your connection and stealing or manipulating any data transferred.

2. Greatly affects lead generation

Without an SSL Certificate, the first thing your prospects will see when they visit your website is ‘NOT SECURE’ written atop your website’s homepage - not exactly your best sales pitch.


If this hasn’t disrupted your prospects experience enough, without SSL, internet service providers (ISPs) are able to inject ads on your website. Your website will also simply be slower and perform much weaker than those with SSL.

3. Significantly lowers SEO Ranking

Having an insecure website also greatly hinders your search ranking, as Google boosts SSL Secure sites over unsecured sites as they're trusted and certified. Which means without an SSL Certificate, it’s less likely for prospects to find you online.

How to identify if your website is secure

If you’re not sure if your website already has its SSL Certificate, there is a straightforward to find out.

1. Bring up your website on Google search browser, and take a look at the search bar.
2. If your website URL has HTTP:// before it, your website is not secure.
3. If your website URL follows HTTPS://, you can breathe, the added S stands for Secure, which means your website has an SSL Certificate.

Here is how your URL will look with and without an SSL Certificate: vs.

For any business, having an unsecured website is a disaster for brand reputation, but working within the financial industry security is of utmost importance.

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