10 Ways to Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert on the First Visit

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Conversions, conversions, conversions. We hear about various conversion strategies to turn visitors into long term clients, we talk about the process and obsess over the very thought of it. That's because conversions help us prosper and thrive.

While conversions are our end-goal, sometimes we forget to look over the basics - the very foundation that helps convert leads. We take the importance of first impressions for granted. If a good first impression is not made, a conversion is not earned. 

How often does a bad first date result into a lifelong romance or a terrible interview turn into a hire? Probably rarely right? In the wonderful world of websites, your online presence is all you have to make that first impression count, especially among all the other products, services and brands competing for the exact same attention.

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Creating an incredible first impression depends on the content and design of your website. Thankfully, our friends from StraightNorth have provided a presentation featuring 10 crucial steps to fostering conversions via first impressions. 

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(Source: StraightNorth)

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Author: Fiona Leung

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