How to Engage Your Audience During a Crisis

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How to Engage Your Audience During a Crisis

Your clients are the cornerstone of your business, making them more critical than ever during the current pandemic. The approach you choose to take in communicating through this time will set a tone that will resonate with them far beyond our current situation. 

For many advisors, this means adjusting their current messaging and adapting their prospecting techniques to nurture and engage their audience. 


Here's how to engage your audience during a crisis:

  • Educate & Empathize 
  • Be Available for 1:1 Communication 
  • Think Outside The Box 
  • Centralize Updates in One Place (i.e., Your Website) 

Educate & Empathize 

Your clients and prospects are looking for information and financial guidance right now as coronavirus has threatened many people's financial stability, which is why it's more important than ever to remain one step ahead with communication. You can do this by creating and sharing educational content for your audience. All of the interactions you have with your audience through this time should be aimed at providing support and guidance - not aimed at direct selling. 


A lot of advisors are using this time to focus on client retention rather than acquisition. As it costs a company 5x more to attract a new customer compared to retaining one, this strategy is well suited for a crisis.


According to Investopedia research, the top reason clients leave their financial advisor is due to poor communication. Furthermore, by increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. This means making an effort now, to show up and be present for your clients, will translate into higher profit and converted prospects down the road. 

For more tactics, see how to communicate effectively with your audience through a crisis.

When you're communicating with your audience, keep in mind the
 tone and messaging of your content. You are a human, talking to another human. It's okay to show emotion and to be empathetic and vulnerable while delivering an overarching message of reassurance.


Written tone can be hard to determine sometimes and is easily misinterpreted. An excellent way to let your audience gauge your empathy and understanding is to create a video to pair with any written copy you create. For more information on video marketing for financial advisors, check out  "Why Video Marketing for Financial Advisors + free video resource."


Be Available for 1:1 Communication

You might be hitting the pause button on active prospecting; however, it doesn't mean that a large portion of your audience is interested in your business. By sharing valuable content through your blog and other online platforms, you've already started the conversation. You're able to keep the conversation going (AKA 'nurture' your leads) by continuously creating content that answers their questions and addresses their needs. Once they are ready to engage, you must be easily accessible for a conversation! 


Your contact information should be updated on your website if COVID-19 has changed your work location and number. It's always a good idea to also list your contact information on any blog or piece of communication you send out, the easier your prospects can get a hold of you, the better. 


Another efficient way for you and your prospects to connect is to use a calendar tool on your website. If you don't have one already, watch for an upcoming tool from Advisor Websites!

If you choose to use a calendar tool on your website, here are some things to consider before opening it to the world. 

Think Outside The Box

One of the unique challenges we are all facing in our daily lives is to stay social while staying distant from each other. In previous articles, we covered how to communicate virtually with your clients through video calls.  

For ideas and video conferencing tools, see "Tips On How To Effectively Manage Your Firm Remotely."

Apart from virtual meetings, there are other ways you can engage virtually with your audience. Webinars and virtual events like panel discussions are another way you can engage with a larger audience online. 


A bonus is that many of the popular video conferencing platforms also offer webinar features. Two platforms in particular that are great for hosting your webinars are Zoom and GoToMeeting

For more tips on how to host an engaging webinar, Hubspot has created The Ultimate Guide to Creating Compelling Webinars.

Social media is built to create connections and build relationships, making it the ultimate tool right now to stay social while distant. Another strength of using social media right now is you're able to engage back with your followers, making it a useful tool for listening to what your audience needs right now. A pro tip is 
to go to 'My Network' on your LinkedIn profile and then to click on 'See All Hashtags' to view the trending topics within your network


Centralize Updates in One Place (i.e., Your Website) 

Any communication you share, it's best practice to have it centralized in one place. Even something as simple as changed business hours, contact information, or your firm's efforts to curve the spread of coronavirus should stay in a centralized place on your website. This way, your clients and prospects know where they can check to keep informed. 


We've seen a lot of our clients successfully create blog series or update their homepage with a COVID-19 banner. If you're a client of ours and would like help updating or editing your website with updates, give us a call at 1-866-638-0273 or schedule a time here! Our Support Team is available to help Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 8 pm EST.

We want to hear from you! How has COVID-19 affected your practice and day-to-day activities? What resources do you need right now? Let us know at


We are in this together, stay safe and social(ly distant)! 



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