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Trend-setting advisors are catching onto one of the coolest new trends hitting the financial web marketing scene and bringing the web to life using video in the background of their websites, instead of still images.

Overall, video backgrounds add a sense of motion to a website and can also help communicate your brand’s message, including an explanation of who you are, what you do, and what sets your team apart. If

Financial Website Trend: Video Backgrounds Well Executed.

Capital Wealth Planning, LLC

The video in this site is a nice example of a time lapse footage. It’s eye-catching without being a distraction.

Dedora Capital

Dedora Capital works in an area full of agriculturally rich resources. The video used on their site reflects their geographic area and speaks to prospective and existing clients. It’s a great, professional piece of footage that brings the site to life.


BCR Wealth Strategies

In this video background, you’ll see the real BCR Wealth team. This looped clip shows off part of their office and team, giving website visitors a peek into team life at BCR Wealth. By the way, please excuse the updates in progress on this site. BCR Wealth is working with Advisor Websites Support team to update their ‘team’ page.


4 Tips for Using Video Background on your Advisor Website

  1. Contrast. Simple video displays work best with a heavy contrast between the video and the page text. Light video footage with dark text or darker footage with light text work best.
  2. Mute. Make sure your video background is audio free. Loud, unrequested audio (music or words) is one surefire way to scare visitors away.
  3. Browser compatibility. Double check that your video background footage is compatible across the three main browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  4. Video length.  Looping a short video requires less bandwidth and will load faster than a larger video file. Aim for a clip that’s around 15-30 seconds long.

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