Specialized Financial Advisors: How to Build a Pipeline of Prospects

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prospectsHave a particular financial expertise? Here’s how to build a pipeline of potential prospects by sharing your thoughts.

While most advisors are able to provide the basics when it comes to wealth management, some specialized financial advisors have qualifications and expertise that set them apart from the rest. Why not showcase your knowledge and experience with people that could gain from your perspective as well as become future prospects?

LinkedIn Groups acts as a means with which individuals can connect with fellow professionals in the same industry or with similar interests. You will often find people sharing content, ideas, or making business contacts. You can find various groups to join by using the search feature at the top of the LinkedIn homepage.

Instead of simply searching for groups that have members with similar skills as you, why not try being a bit more creative. Aim to look for groups where your future clients are likely to be members. There are a variety of interesting places a financial advisor could provide meaningful insights as well as connect with potential prospects. For example, here are few:

Exit Planning – I Want to Sell My Business in 5 Years

This group is for business owners who expect to sell their business to a third party, to employees, or to transfer it to family members. There are likely to be people who are soon about to have a financial windfall, and advisors with strong financial planning capabilities may be able to stand out.

Offshore Companies and Investments Worldwide

This is a group with over 2,000 individuals looking to exchange ideas and advice about all aspects concerning offshore investments, trusts, and foundations. This could be a good opportunity for advisors that have expertise in working with these types of investments or experience with high net worth relationships

Inheritance Tax

This group focuses on topics that relate to paying inheritance tax. This means that many of 1,300 members are likely to be individuals who have just inherited a significant amount of money or expect to. If your business focuses on estate planning or have strong tax planning services, this may be a good fit for you.

Do you have ideas on other groups where a financial professional may be able to provide a helpful perspective? If so, please share!

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