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Today we are proud to be launching a new series of LinkedIn how-to videos provided by LinkedIn. This week, we are looking at how you can recommend people and get recommended by your connections.


See below for full video transcript:

Recommendations are a quick way for people to get a sense of your strengths as a professional and for you to help out your connections in a few simple steps. To get started, just hover over "profile" and click "recommendations". Here you can click "ask to be endorsed" for any positions on your LinkedIn profile. Then select which selections can speak to your work at that position. They'll be able to submit a brief recommendation for your approval.

If you'd like to recommend the strong work of a colleague or business partner, just visit their profile and click "recommend this person". Be sure to include specific details in your recommendation. an authentic review help people get a sense of what it's like to work with this person.

After you've received several reviews, you can choose which to display on your profile by clicking "manage". 3 recommendations are required to have a 100% complete profile.

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