20 Ways for Financial Advisors to Reach Boomers on Social Media

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As financial advisors, there are plenty of markets that you work hard to understand and reach. One of those markets, of course, are the good ol’ baby boomers. While you’re probably already familiar with the facts that they control over 80% of personal financial assets, represent 50% of consumer spending, and have a desire to pass wealth to charity and their children—you might be less familiar with this stat:

"84% of internet users 50 and over use social networking sites." - AARP, Care2, Immersion Active

Since you’re already on social media, how can you reach that 84%? Where can you join communities where boomers congregate and establish a respectable, knowledgeable, and credible presence? Here are a few of the top sites and communities where boomers hang out online. Aim to follow and ENGAGE with the blogs, websites, and social media pages of the following organizations:

These are just a snapshot of the MANY places to reach boomers online. When seeking prospects in your local market—take into consideration the values and hobbies of seniors and follow relevant, local communities online.

Charity and Non-Profits

Leisure and Travel

Skill and Knowledge Development


Where do you connect with baby boomers and seniors online? If you are interested in learning more about effective communication and engagement with boomers online, check out this awesome webinar: Engaging Baby Boomers and Seniors Through Social Media!


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