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We are happy to introduce you a company we have been working with, named Jennings Financial Plannings IncThey are working hard to help their customers having a good handle on their money. They want to show people how to connect their wealth with their most heartfelt valued, relationships and interests and desire to be seen as a confident investor on personal wealth.

We reached the founder of the company, Monica Y. Jennings, who is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and a NAPFA-registered financial advisor for a feedback interview, so we can know a little bit more about how our customers are after dealing with Advisor Websites, here are the interview and some screenshots below:
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1-How did you learn about Advisor Websites? 

I heard about  aw through an article from Bill Winterberg, then I saw that a couple of colleagues had sites built by AW that I liked (Jean Sinclair from Avenue Advisors), so I decided to collaborate with you.


2- What do you think of the result?

I like it very much.  The base is very clean and simple which appeals to me. Alex Wingert was very helpful and easy to work with.  However, I have to give much of the credit for my satisfaction with the site to my communications consultant who really helped give the site its look and feel and did most of the content for me.


3- Have you received any feedback from clients?  

Not yet, but I haven’t really sent clients there yet. That's a good reminder that I need to.  I did have one nice thing happen, though.  A colleague looking to refer a prospect who was not a good fit for her saw the site and thought my style might resonate well with the prospect.


4- Did you expect to have a result such as this one? 

I think it’s better than I had anticipated.


5- Are you planning to collaborate with Advisors Websites again? 

Not sure how to answer this question.  I’m not planning on putting up any more websites but certainly plan to continue to work on the existing one with the AW group.

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