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We’ve all been there: we did everything right to successfully turn a powerful lead into a client and at the very last minute, he backed out. As financial advisors we may not be selling a specific product, but convincing people to trust us with their hard-earned money can be challenging. We're letting you in on a few of the sales tactics that our team here at Advisor Websites uses to close the deal with leads that are still "on-the-fence."

I’ll be honest. Our sales team at Advisor Websites is amazing. Boasting an average conversion rate of 75%, these guys tirelessly jump the gun. So, I asked them to share some of the secrets of their success. While these ideas and strategies are transferable to use in almost any setting, we focused on sales tips for the quintessential financial advisor.

1. Have a strong opening statement

You’ve probably heard the statistic that you have eight seconds to grab your leads attention. Come up with a strong and compelling statement that will capture his or her interest immediately. It’s also helpful to use surprising numbers or statistics to back up a main point. The first step is getting their attention.

2. Build relationships

No one wants to be at the bottom end of just another sales pitch. Convey the sense that you are not seeking to cultivate clients, but rather relationships; take a personal interest in people and really get to know them. By demonstrating a genuine interest in someone’s personal financial goals it will be easier to come across as the helpful, knowledgeable and expert advisor that you are!

3. Features versus Benefit

Telling a prospect about a feature of your product or service is a great start – but, explaining how the feature will benefit your lead is much more effective.  For example, instead of highlighting the bells and whistles of a new product, explain how it will make your clients’ life easier.

4. Create a positive online presence

You can bet that your clients and prospects have Google-ed your name or firm at least once. In fact, 97% of consumers perform online research before making purchase decisions. It is absolutely critical to convey a highly professional and credible online presence that is unique and suited to your own market. Show them something special when they look for you online.

5. Use authority

No one knows your product or service offering better than you. Be an expert when you talk to potential clients and explain why this is something they can’t live without.

6. Stay current

Ensure you are providing updated and pertinent information of value that will keep you in the forefront of your existing client’s mind. When it comes to adding value to your clients lives, make sure you know who else is trying to win over your clients and what other products are available. Know your clients and know their options.

7. Be authentic. Be honest.

As you know, trust is absolutely the foundation of any client-advisor relationship. Research performed at the University of Pennsylvania suggests that this is the number one factor that clients look for when selecting a financial advisor. As well, it is important to focus on the value and integrity you offer to your clients. From phone calls to direct mail pieces, be sure to speak from the heart, be relevant and “in the now,” and most importantly be sure to add value each and every time.

Distinguish yourself from the status-quo and focus on the value you offer as well as how you make a difference.

8. Let your current clients do the work for you

You already work hard to delight your current clients, so let them take a load off for you. If they are pleased with your service, ask for referrals! Conduct your interactions and relationships with this question in mind: “how likely is it that each of my clients would refer me to a friend, family member or colleague?” Then, make a very strong first impression on your referrals.

9. Create urgency

Fact: People just love to procrastinate (especially when it comes to pulling out the wallet). Creating a sense of urgency by giving your prospects a logical reason why they need to go ahead and act now. Really think about how to use this approach because it comes with two caveats: 1. You must be genuine; 2. You cannot overuse this approach. Create a sense of urgency when you know your lead is ready to close the deal.

10. Follow up (and then follow up again… and again)

Prospects may be interested in your service the first time you approach them, but sometimes they’re just not ready yet. Begin building a relationship with these leads when you initiate the sales cycle. Be sure to include prospects in your marketing efforts and they won’t forget about you. They will let you know when they’re ready to commit.


When it comes to closing the deal, our sales team really performs. What sales tactics do you find most effective?




Author: Maggie Crowley

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