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When you are reading a study published by a technology company on what technology does to our kids – do you believe it? When you hear a financial advisor talk about how extraordinary their services are – do you believe it? If a restaurant owner says they have the best food in town – do you believe it?

Often, the message isn’t believable until someone who has experienced it first-hand speaks up. This is a significant reason that messaging the value of a firm can be off kilter. The business owner knows that their business is as they say, and they expect others to just believe.

However, the kind of faith that we may have in our own business, as well as personal or spiritual lives, can be virtually non-existent in business. That’s why marketing is often ineffective and the reason that referrals and word-of-mouth are on the other end of the spectrum and so highly effective. But how do we do it?

We first have to stop assuming that people will just believe us at face value. But if we can’t share how great the firm is and all of the value we provide through our marketing and messaging, who will? Unfortunately, in the financial services industry, the use of testimonials is not allowed so reviews and written comments from clients will not work. However, that doesn’t stop a referral campaign from working. If you want people to spread information about you, it is most effective when someone else has control of the message – not you. But therein lies the problem. If you provide just “good” service, no one talks. It is only when we provide terrible or extraordinary service that people will speak up about what you do.

When was the last time you changed up your client account review? Changed the order, changed the location, and most important, changed your verbiage. During the meeting, consider asking your client why they are working with you and what they like the most. Get them to start telling the story and ask them to share with others.

Sometimes the only believable voice is someone who has witnessed it first-hand – so ask those first-hand clients to share your story.

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