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content creationFor your inbound marketing strategy to work, you have to have content. Lots of it.

And creating all of that content can be quite the challenge - blog posts and webinars and worksheets, oh my! How are you supposed to have that much to say and when are you supposed to find the time to say it?

Well, here's the thing, it doesn't have to be that complicated or time consuming if you're following the 3 Rs of Content Creation: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - a slogan I obviously came up with myself.

(See also: reformat, re-purpose, repost)

The point is to do more with less.

Though keep in mind that your 'less' still needs to be top quality.


Got a lengthy article, ebook, or presentation? Strip it down!

Reduce it to the essentials and turn it into a slide show, a worksheet, a template, or check-list. By doing this, you've not only saved yourself time and taxing your brain for another new idea, but you've given your readers a more actionable piece of content.

Long articles are great to ponder over, but few people ever take charge after reading them. Turning long-form content into some kind of step-by-step guide helps your readers cut to the important chase and actually put them to use.

Who doesn't like a clear path to success?


This is definitely an argument for creating 'evergreen' content - content that is always relevant.

While it is good to capitalize on a time of year or specific event, it does limit the lifespan of the content. If you're committed to equal parts evergreen, you'll be able to reuse it in the future.

Think of it like this:

The average internet user has the attention span of a goldfish constantly being inundated with new castles, shiny rocks, and other aquarium accoutrements. If, four months down the road, a same underwater deep sea diver is reintroduced to the tank, said goldfish is not going to remember.


So republish it to your blog, link it in an email - if it's valuable the first time, it will be valuable the second. Not to mention that while it may be a second read and reminder for some, it will be the first time through for someone else.

Very few people peruse the archives.


Transform that content into something else.

If you're looking to put together an ebook or lengthy article, chances are you've already said something on the topic many times before. Go find, combine, and re-purpose. Just because no one else reads through your archives doesn't mean you can't!

Good content should never go to waste.

Liked a particular paragraph in a blog post? Find it and expand upon it for a new article. Liked a particular blog post in its entirety? Turn it into a downloadable whitepaper with interesting graphics - the text might read the same, but the experience will be completely different.

Constant content creation is difficult - trust me, I know - but these three hacks will make it a much easier time.

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