This Week’s Roundup: SEO and Conversion Marketing Clarity

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Another Friday is upon us and everyone involved is pleased.

This week, I link you to enlightenment from the lands of Unbounce and Moz in two areas that can be a bit… obfuscating: SEO and conversion marketing.


Moz’s co-founder, Mr. Rand Fishkin, seems to think he’s committed an act of of heresy with his post, but I think he’s just making sense.

Asked repeatedly how to keep up with SEO when Google’s secrecy-shrouded algorithm updates so frequently, his response is always that they “don’t actually change that much.”

Here here! Not heresy.

Yes, the algorithms that power rankings change all the time. But they are consistently going in a direction they’ve been headed in for nearly two decades. Google wants to return the best, most relevant, most trustworthy, fastest solution to searchers’ queries. Google’s definitions of “relevant,” “best,” and “most trustworthy” almost never change*. Thus, if you’re optimizing to the destination of the algorithms, rather than the specific point of the algorithms’ progress today, you’ll be close to maximizing your benefit while minimizing the need for extra work.”

Sometimes it’s hard to see the optimized forest through the SEO trees, but once you’re able to take a step back and take in the whole landscape, it becomes clearer which best practices to move forward with.

(In related news, we have a pocket-e-book on SEO misconceptions coming out soon that you should keep your clicking finger poised for.)

Conversion Marketing

Over at Unbounce, they feel your pain when it comes to conversion marketing and comprehension. Conversion marketing’s awash in buzzwords and corporate-esque speak that can make the whole process feel rather empty and void of meaning.

In order to help you regain a sense of purpose with your conversion marketing, Unbounce has created a glossary of terms to infuse the meaning back into those hollow-sounding words.

The Conversion Marketing Glossary is a hub for all the terms, concepts, advice and resources you need to improve your conversion rates. [...] The glossary was designed as a one-stop shop for conversion marketing knowledge, featuring explanations of almost 100 marketing terms (and counting!), plus helpful links and videos from marketing experts."

Go get enlightened!

Author: Kellie Gibson

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