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Take this quick 8 question assessment to predict your success in 2013 and find areas to improve.
1. Do you have an up-to-date website with at least one call-to-action to get people to interact, sign up for an email newsletter, request valuable information, download a whitepaper, register for a seminar, or another way to interact?Value: 5 points for one or more calls to action. _______Value: 5 additional points for each call to action that is already generating qualified leads. ______2. Do you have video on your website?

Value: Give yourself 5 points. ______


3. Do you have a marketing activity that will generate a minimum of 5 new qualified prospects each month (seminars, events, mailing, email campaign, networking, strategic alliance referrals, client referrals, etc)?

Value: 5 points for each activity/strategy that has been proven or will be likely to produce qualified prospects: ____


4. Do you have a list of more than 500 prospects (those that are prospective clients only) to mail and/or email?

Value: 5 points with 5 points for each additional 500 prospects on your list. _______


5. How often do you contact your list of prospective clients?

Value: 10 points for monthly contacts of email, mail or calls: _____


6. How many prospects do you have on your “hotlist” – those you feel have a high likelihood of doing business with you this year?

Value: 1 point for each prospect. _____


7. How many referrals did you receive in 2012?

Value: 1 point for every referral that became a client. ______


8. How many referrals have you already received this year?

Value: 10 points for each referral. ______


Total Score? _______


Predict Your Success:


Top Producer: Score of 80 to 100+ points – you will likely have a great year!


Marketing Up and Comer: Score of 50 to 79 points – you are building a strong pipeline!


Just Getting Started: Score of 30-49 points - you are on the right track, but to acquire the new business you deserve, more attention may need to be paid to your marketing.


Opportunity Alert: Score of 0-29 points – you have all sorts of potential to use marketing better to generate prospects and new business.


Good luck and good marketing!!




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