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We are pleased to announce a brand new integration with Redtail CRM. The integration consists of a lead capture form (built as a new page on your website), that once completed by your visitor, will automatically create a new lead within your RedTail CRM account.

Activating the RedTail CRM integration

Simply follow the 7 steps below:

1- Log-in to your website account here:

2- Go to the ‘Apps’ tab

3- Click on ‘RedTail CRM’ and enter your Redtail CRM username and password in the appropriate fields

4- Click Save to login

5- Enter your lead capture form web address path. For example, if you enter request-info the link to your form will be

6- Map your contact status by selecting a value from the ‘Status field mapping’ dropdown. New contacts will be created with the selected status.

7- Map your contact source by selecting a value from the ‘Source field mapping’ dropdown. New contacts will be created with the selected source.

Note: New contacts can be created with default values in the status and source fields so that you can identify that they are coming from your website. To add options to your status or source list, login to your CRM and go to Manage Your AccountManage Database Lists.

Feel free to contact our support team to get this setup in no time:

Learn more about this integration

A webinar about the integration of RedTail CRM and will be held on Tuesday, Jan 29, 2013 from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST. RSVP online.

About RedTail CRM

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Author: Loic Jeanjean

Topics: crm integration, Lead generation for advisors, redtail crm, Marketing

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