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This Financial Advisor marketing strategy focuses on radio advertising. Admittedly, this is one of the more expensive marketing initiatives, but if used correctly, you can generate more leads then you can handle.

Let’s start with some of the basics. You need your ad (dialogue) and offer to focus on one “solution” – a product, service, or special offer. You simply cannot be everything to everyone and you do NOT want to offer every product and service to the listeners. So, it’s one product OR service, and one call to action. You also want your dialogue to satisfy your prospects needs and wants. As part of a lead-generation-only-offer, you could offer a book, special report, downloadable e-book, a special CD, etc., that helps them solve a problem to bring people into your funnel.

Once you decide on your offer (product, service, etc.,) you need to focus on your target demographic. Which radio station(s) in your town serves the target demographic/market that you want to tap into? Is it baby boomers? Is it senior citizens? Is it college-aged kids? Pick the best radio station(s).

The #1 mistake that business owners with a limited marketing budget spreading their commercial over too many radio stations. Less “plays” over more radio stations means that your message gets diluted. That is NOT the best use of your money OR the commercial. It is better to invest your marketing dollars on one radio station where your ad plays more frequently then to spread it over more stations. In this case, less is more!

A concentrated effort like this is the most cost effective way to advertise on the radio.

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Dr. Len Schwartz

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Author: Dr. Len Schwartz

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