How to Make Your Landing Pages Better

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Landing pages are a vital piece of any advisor's digital marketing strategy. Recently, we explained how to measure your landing pages' performance effectiveness. In a nutshell, we know that it's important to take a look at the click-through rates of your calls-to-action and the rate at which people complete the form found on the landing page).

Now that you know how to measure them, what can you do to improve landing pages?

Keep it fun and short

Landing pages are made up of three primary items: an enticing graphic, a short explanation of the offer and, most importantly, a form. Definitely keep the graphic fun and relevant (also, keep it consistent with the image that's used on the call-to-action.) Make sure the image that you choose relates to your audience (who's your ideal client?).

Here's another piece of advice: only ask for the information you need on the form that is required for visitors to fill out. Essentially, the more information that's required to download the offer, the less likely people are going to do it. Asking for fields like name, phone number and email address are certainly acceptable - just try not to make people feel as if their signing their life away to download the offer.

Make sure your offer matches

Essentially, don’t exaggerate. Make sure your landing page offers what your call-to-action advertises. Try to use some of the same wording in the call-to-action that describes the offer and its subject matter. Both of these components should be present on your landing page, too.

Remove navigation

One more way to prevent visitors from abandoning your landing page is to remove all of the navigation along with  any other calls-to-action on the page. Removing your navigation and all other calls-to-action on your landing page is the quickest way to keep those visitors on your landing page long enough to fill out your form.

Author: Maggie Crowley

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