How to Find Out Where Your Target Market Spend Their Time Online

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Have you ever wondered how to find out where your target market spend their time online? As someone who is in business, certainly you must ask yourself: "how well do I actually know my clients?." Unfortunately, at least to my knowledge, there’s no single tool that will ultimately help you find this out. You must collectively take in all the information you have gained from several different areas to compile a custom report on your market. Let us give you a list on how.


How to find out where your target market spend their time online:

Define and understand your target market

  • Here at AW we cannot stress enough the importance of developing buyer personas. Without a solid understanding of your target market, how can you know where to start?
  • Create a couple different buyer personas of your existing clients and start to look for trends

Talk to your existing clients (On and Offline)

  • Do you already have an online community? Use social media networks to your advantage by looking at trends in your audience’s behavior.
  • Why not ask your existing clients base what they typically do online (this can be time consuming but allows you to gain a deeper understanding of where their head is at- Why not invite them for a coffee)

Make social connections

  • Taking a look at your markets behavior on social media can be a great indicator as to where they spend their time online. Social networks, such as Twitter, are now used as an informational site. This transition allows the savvy marketer to look at behavior pattern and define the specific channels they are visiting.
  • Use some of the tools available to you. For instance, Twitters advanced search will help you find topics that your audience cares about. This can be an invaluable tool that will leap frog you to the front when it comes to defining them online.

Research your competitors

  • Its good practice to always check up on what your competitors are doing anyways. They may have found an important online channel that you have not discovered yet.
  • There is a wealth of free tools at your disposal that will help you make this easier. Who is linking to your competitors? What kinds of partnerships do they have and why? This may seem like an abstract concept, but are doing this for a reason.

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Find influencers/Interests

  • Finding the social influencers that your target market follows. This will give you a better idea of interests and behavior.
  • Do some research on keywords. This may seem like your doing some SEO, but it's a good indicator of what kinds of things your market is searching.

Now that you know where your target market spends their time online, you are far more equipped to create content that will engage and attract.  This will be your next step to create a quality online community. Below are 3 suggestions for communicating your brand to your market.

Contribute to groups that your audience participates in.

  • This could include a local blog, website, or LinkedIn groups.
  • Flex your thought leader muscle by contributing to groups or blogs that they visit.
  • Be careful that you do not come off as promotional. By demonstrating your expertise and moving the conversation forward, you allow yourself naturally to sink in the minds of the traffic.

Develop content that aligns with these digital channels

  • Finding those important online channels allows you to create customized content that aligns with that particular online resource.
  • For example, if you found out that your potential audience spends time on a local online news website; why not research potential partnership opportunities.
  • Become a guest poster or reach out for more exposure.

Try and solve the burning questions that they have

  • Hopefully by now you understand what exactly your audience’s problems may be. This can be obtained through interviews or your research in organic searches. Make content that helps answer these problems.
  • Be relevant and timly when answering questions. The beauty with online marketing is that it makes real-time marketing a possibility – so take advantage!

Translating this new found knowledge into opportunity can be one of the most powerful ways to attract and build relationships for the future. This enables you to learn about where your target market spend their time online. Enabling you to understand your market earlier in the sales funnel where the competition is considerably less competitive.

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