Good Execution Trumps Good Strategy

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One of my favorite quotes by Seth Godin is: “Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.” My least favorite quote from more than one financial advisor is: “It worked so well we stopped doing it.”

As a marketing consultant, I know that business owners are always looking to find out which marketing strategies are producing results right now. However, sometimes it is less about the actual strategy, and more about how that strategy is carried out that leads to success. While businesses are great at adopting many new marketing ideas, they’re not always so good at finishing. Therefore, the best marketing strategy – whatever your company or industry -- is the one you can pull off…completely.

If a business chooses one particular approach -- for instance, setting up a referral campaign -- and they carry out that one strategy until it’s executed fully and with precision, they are implementing the very best marketing strategy. A strategy executed will have a lot more results than one that never got a chance to succeed.

The best way to continue excellent execution is to have frequent (weekly) check-ins on the project, initiative or strategy. If something goes too long without accountability, it may just fall to the wayside. Your system may be a weekly marketing meeting or a weekly email update sent on progress. Make sure there is regular awareness brought to the project even after results start. If it’s working, it may not be new and exciting, but you never want to stop executing on a successful strategy before it’s time.

Poor execution is as significant an obstacle to business success as it is in just about everything in life; including military campaigns, manufacturing, education, and sports. Consider focusing in 2013 on the clear underlying factor to success that is often overlooked: Execution.

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