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Do you offer a way for visitors to learn more about financial planning and your approach? If not, your web site may have an expensive leak. Use content marketing to build your audience of potential clients and showcase your expertise and value.

Why content marketing? Think about it from a consumer perspective: When people who seek financial planning assistance come to your website, and you do not provide an easy way for them to get to know you such as an ebook, a video training series, a free report or even just a newsletter sign-up, they leave to continue their search an advisor’s website that does, leaving you with lost opportunity.

Here are the types of visitors you’ll likely encounter to your site, with and without a content marketing strategy.

Lack Compelling Content? Say Goodbye to Engaged Visitors

1. YES! I’ll schedule a Consultation. These visitors arrived with a purpose. They are actively seeking an adviser, arrived through search, a friend’s recommendation, or by reading an article or blog post from you. They are ready to take the next step. This visitor will email or call you or submit a “request a consult” web form. You love these people; they are extremely valuable, but extremely rare.

2. I’m busy; I have to go back to my life. Stumbling upon your site, these visitors took a temporary interest in searching for an adviser. Perhaps they clicked through a link without consideration or took a few minutes on their lunch break or while listening to a boring webinar while they surfed around your site. “Maybe I should address my finances” or “I really need to call one of these advisors some day,” and then the task moves to the bottom of their mental to-do list. The impetus to take action does not exist and they move onto their next task. Here is your leak: Prospect lost!

The Solution to Lost Conversion: Content Marketing

3. I’m intrigued but I am not sure I trust you….yet. Let me get to know you. These people have a need for financial planning help: they took action to look up an advisor or check out the referral a friend gave them. However, they are hesitant —unsure of how your approach and personality fit their needs and lifestyle. The reality is: the majority of potential clients fall into group 2 but can be easily be engaged with the right content marketing.

They would very willingly introduce themselves through a web form for a helpful, targeted, free workbook, but they won’t jump right in and pick up the phone to schedule a meeting. They want to build a relationship with you over time, and you can do this by setting up a structured communication system to do just that.

Set up an email subscription feature on your site and follow up on those leads with a content rich, educational newsletter. Create a monthly cycle of sharing great, original, valuable content. Use content as a way to plant the seeds of future client relationships.

Imagine capturing just one more client per month because you offer unengaged or hesitant individuals a chance to get to know you, to understand your unique perspective. Content marketing at it’s core is to provide relevant information to a highly targeted audience, but it’s entire purpose is to serve your brand, to drive conversions. With great content, prospective clients read your emails, review your ebook and understand who you are and what you stand for — and ultimately go to you when they’re ready to hire a financial advisor.

This post was authored by Kristin Harad and originally appeared here on GuideVine.

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