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I thought it would be valuable to create a simple worksheet to help advisors get started on LinkedIn.

Total Time Required: 2-3 Hours

Bart Wisniowski LinkedIn Profile

Day 1

On the first day, we will focus on just setting up the account and getting everything ready

  • Go to LinkedIn and create a free account (15 minutes)
  • Fill out your profile information and upload your photo. You may want to have a copy of your resume  handy for this. Ensure you fill out as much information as possible (15 minutes)
  • Add contacts: you want to send invites to as many contacts as you can. Here is a list of contact type  to consider: (1 hour 15 minutes)
    • Client list
    • Outlook contacts
    • Newsletter subscribers
    • Service providers
    • Colleagues
    • Personal contacts
    • Client Leads
  • Join 5 groups of interest to you: (15 minutes)
    • Professional groups. i.e. financial planning associations, industry groups
    • Target client groups. i.e. if your target audience is dentists, find a specific group for dentists and join this group

Day 7

By day 7, you should have a good portion of the individuals you have invited accept your invitations. At this time we are ready for recommendations.

  • Request recommendations from 5-10 of your best clients & contacts (15 minutes)
  • Feel free to provide any recommendations for your service providers who you feel deserve them (30 Minutes)


  • Each time you get a new client, meet a new contact through networking etc… add them to your LinkedIn network
  • Engage any opportunities
  • Engage with groups
  • Stay tuned for more on going ideas. (that will be my next post)....

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