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We get alot of traffic from people that are looking for domain name tips. Everyone wants to connect the best financial advisor website domain name as possible to their business. Financial advisors have to use a lot more common sense compared to other industries when it comes to domain names. Why? Well a few reasons. To name a few: branding, trust, url length and seo strength.

We all know that a shoddy looking website will turn off potential clients and a high quality website will give your financial advisory practice a credibility bump. For example, did you ever think about the fact that you could be losing credibility in the eyes of some people the second that you hand them your business card and they see a low quality domain name?

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Your website should ultimately be a super professional trust building machine. If the URL that a visitor has to type into their web browser to visit your site is then chances are that you have already lost the battle to convince the client of your knowledge and professionalism.

What Does a Domain Name Say About a Financial Advisor?

Let's play a little game - here are some examples of some common types of domain names that a financial advisor may likely choose and then let's give a little critique for each one of them:

A) - Great use of the .com, short, easy to remember, but one downside to use full names like this is that the message conveyed is "one man shop" which might not be a bad thing but if you ever wanted to expand or sell your business then the domain name may not transition as nicely as a more broad domain.

B) - Virtually the same as the above but one important thing to note is that unless you have a very uncommon name then your first name + last name + .com is likely already taken while first name + last name + Financial + .com has a much better chance of you being available for you to register or buy for cheap. Adding "Financial to the end of the domain also has the added bonus of increasing your credibility and helping to clarify what the site is about.

C) - This is a smart use of keywords in the domain name and it's a memorable domain name to boot. While one major downside is that if you attempt to broaden your geographic target market to somewhere outside of Chicago then the domain name doesn't look so hot to a potential client who lives in Peoria and may in fact turn them off (i.e. "Can this financial advisor really meet my needs here in Peoria if they are based out of Chicago?").

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Financial Advisor Domain Name

OK, we have looked at one awful choice of a domain name ( and we have looked at 3 examples of what would be pretty decent financial advisor domain name choices but here are some rules of thumb for choosing a domain name (courtesy of the full 25 rules for choosing a domain name guide):

  • Get a .com - Nothing kills your credibility faster than using some alternate extension besides .com (although sometimes .org can work). If you see the domain name then you will probably wonder, "Why doesn't he have the .com? Can't he afford the .com? Who has the .com already? Who is the "REAL" person that owns"
  • Stay Professional - Make sure that your domain name passes the business card test. If your domain name looks out of place printed out on your business cards then it's probably time to go back to the drawing board.
  • Check out this other sweet article we wrote on how to make a perfect url.
  • Fit Your Corporate Culture - Even if you are just a small one man shop you still want to think about how you want your practice to be portrayed. If your niche market is senior planning then aim to work that into your domain name. If your main focus is insurance then maybe it makes more sense to chose a domain name that ends in "insurance" since that is such an integral part of what your practice is all about.
  • Make it Memorable - Avoid trying to get too cute or too clever with your domain name. Substituting numbers for letters (i.e. "4" instead of "for", "2" instead of "to", etc.) is rarely a good idea. Aim for easy to remember keywords that plainly spell out your name or what your practice is about.
  • Keep it Short - A second very important "business card test" is can your URL even fit on your business card?! Additionally, shorter almost always means easier to remember as well so take some time and think of a great domain name that is as short as possible.

What do YOU Think?

What are some of the best uses of domain names for a financial advisor that you have seen?

Do you have any tips to add when it comes to choosing a great financial advisor domain name?

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Editors Note, This article is a re-write and repost from several years ago. Parts of this article were originally written by former Advisor Websites guest blogger Joel Ohman.

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