How Often Do You Have Contact With Your Clients?

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Last week at the Financial Network Connect conference, we attended a workshop hosted by Referral Coach Bill Cates.  The presentation was about an hour long, and the content he provided the room with was inspiring to say the least.

Within moments, it was clear that Bill was no stranger to these types of presentations, as he smoothly waltzed his way through his introduction and outline of what he was going to talk to us about.  Although the presentation was geared for financial advisors, the concepts that Bill covered are universal for most businesses.

One of main points that Bill was driving home, was that contact with your clients is of the utmost important for growing referrals.  He recommends several different contact points throughout the year, as a way of maintaining a good relationship, and also mention the possibility of referring potential clients.  Bill talked quite in-depth about the process of some successful advisors, and the common theme was building relationships with your clients.  This can be done through events, luncheons, dinners, etc., and it will subsequently allow for the potential to grow your business.

How often do you see your clients face-to-face?  Let us know!

Author: Alex Wingert

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