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This article was published by our friends and clients at Private Ocean. 

Is your advisory firm considering a location change?

Here at Private Ocean we know a thing or two about moving to a new office. After building a new space and relocating across town this fall, here are some tips we picked up to streamline the relocation process and minimize disruption of your advisory business.

Keep employees involved. Introduce change early. Very early in the planning process, our CEO encouraged input from everyone by bringing staff together for a meeting to "envision our dream space." Many of the ideas were actually implemented - larger kitchen to encourage group breaks/lunches, noise canceling insulation, etc.

Focus on the positive. Emphasize any aesthetic improvements or new conveniences that come with moving. Will there be more windows? A larger communal space? Room for growth?

Keep it all transparent. Our team was invited to view the new space a few times as construction progressed. We were able to test out our new commute, and even see where we would park and get on the elevator! Change can be hard, but seeing the new space incited excitement instead of anxiety.

key-96233_640-300x199Find the right time. For us, Q4 was best, but no matter what move date you choose, a lot of planning will be required. We hosted all Q4 client meetings on time or early. This allowed us a few weeks of no meetings during which we could pack, unpack, and furnish the office before any clients were due to come in.

Expect down time. Technology is central to your business - and moving will prove it. Coordinating the relocation and setup of our technology - phones, copiers, tv monitors, computers and networks, and more - was a large piece of the moving puzzle. All our technology, including Junxure, email, and even phones were down for a few days. On Thursday afternoon, we packed and the movers picked everything up. On Friday (we were closed) and Saturday, our IT team set up our technology. Sunday we all came in to get acclimated, and by Monday we were ready for business as usual.

Change address in print and online. You may be surprised how many places your address appears! Here's a good checklist:

    • Letterhead, business cards, marketing materials, email templates, and e-signatures
    • Website and social networks
    • Partners (Include them on your client/prospect distribution list to make this easier.)



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This  post was authored by Cynthia Greenfield and originally appeared at Junxure.

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