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As a financial services professional, the way you present yourself to your clients and prospects is very important. It is highly recommended that you have a professional photo of yourself and any team members you work with. Based on our experiences when it comes to advisor websites we have noticed that advisors who have a photo on their website will generally see more usage.

Here are some tips when it comes to your personal photo for your website:

  • For best quality, use a professional photographer. They will be able to work with you and you will tap into their expertise as to what looks good.
  • Usage: Let your photographer know that this photo will be on a website. If you have a sample, show them. You will likely be able to use the photo in other materials such as your professional social networking sites.
  • Photo style: be creative… we’ve seen advisors use a variety of poses and zoom levels most common ones include head shot, elbows and above, waist and above, knees and above, full body etc... This s a personal preference so choose a pose and zoom level that suits you best.
  • Source file: Provide a high quality electronic source file to your website professional. (Scanned photos will naturally lose some quality during the scanning process) Although your website provider will likely shrink and edit your file, working with a high quality source file will produce a higher quality end product.
  • Touch ups: your photographer or website professional should be able to do some minor touch ups in case you get a blemish on photo day.
  • Team photos: we encourage a great team photo, but also ensure you get individual photos done as well as on occasion team members change.
  • File details:
    • 300 DPI or higher
    • JPEG or JPG formats work best for web
    • TIFF format can also provide a great end product.
  • Copyright: make sure you own the rights to your photo for your desired use. If using a professional photographer you may want to verify copyright information with them.
  • Use a clean backdrop, especially if you want your photo cut out and used in a banner.
  • Dress accordingly and look professional. Remember, your photo is often the first impressions your clients will have of you

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