Webinar Recap: Importance of Prospecting for Your Business with PreciseFP

How to Write a Financial Advisor Biography

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Acquire and Retain Clients with Advanced Data-Gathering for Financial Advisors

In this webinar we discussed the importance of prospecting for your business:

  • Building engaging webforms
  • Taking your practice to greater levels of efficiency
  • How forms can reduce the cost (your cost) of creating financial plans by 40% or more
  • How proper data-gathering makes it easy to meet the DOL Best Interest Rule
  • Ensuring that clients remain engaged (and therefore your clients) throughout the process

Our guests in this webinar included:

Courtney Peek: Twitter: @PreciseFP LinkedIn: Courtney Peek

Lester Tiro: Twitter: @LesterTiro LinkedIn: Lester Tiro

Loic Jeanjean: Twitter: @jjloic LinkedIn: Loic Jeanjean


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