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How to Write a Financial Advisor Biography

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It's almost that time of the year when Marbles, our moose-on-residence here at Advisor Websites settles in to hibernate for the cold months ahead. Mind you, moose typically do not hibernate - Marbles just likes to stand out (or sleep in, as the case may be). When we shake him out of his stupor in the  spring, he's rearing to go but incredibly famished - as are most of his non-moose 4-legged friends. Understandably, a frenzy ensues with intense competition for the first non-frozen edibles that Marbles and his friends can consume. But Marbles being completely marbles, usually loses out and traipses back to our office to raid our refrigerator instead.

What's the point of this short tail tale? With the holiday season just around the corner, most financial advisors are looking forward to winding down and planning for the year ahead. Here's the catch, when those cold RRSP months are behind us and your festering marketing plans are slated for execution - so are those of your peers. Since we're genuinely fond of you, we thought we'd help set you up for a tremendous 2016 by taking away none of your current 'down-time'.  When you have a couple of minutes to sneak away from all the shopping, eating, caroling and general merriment, peruse our digital marketing starter kit. 7 completely free resources that you could use to set up a digital marketing system before 2016 rolls around. So that when the others are thinking of putting their plans to work - yours have been been chugging away for months and generating leads all that while.

'The Financial Advisor’s Digital Marketing Starter Kit’ is the rookie (or expert!) financial advisor’s go-to resource to establish a multi-faceted online presence. Filled to the brim with templates, ebooks and worksheets, the starter kit will help you transform your advisor website into the ultimate client prospecting tool and generate leads by the masses. Here's what you get:

  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"]An Introduction to Successful Financial Blogging[/hypotext][hypotext id="your-target-id"]A guide for newbie financial bloggers that starts from the beginning - by answering the most frequently asked questions financial planners have on blogging: Why blogging works, what to blog about, how to promote your financial blog and more! Additionally, this ebook also takes a case study approach by examining how blogging became a game-changer for our own company, and helped Advisor Websites succeed online.[/hypotext]
  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"]Template: Writing a Powerful Financial Advisor Biography[/hypotext][hypotext id="your-target-id"]One of our most in-demand free resources, and it doesn't surprise us at all. A financial advisor's biography or “About Me” page is typically one of the most viewed pages on any advisor website. But many financial advisors have trouble writing their own story. This rather valuable biography template offers 4 different versions of a financial biography for advisors to customize and use on their website, LinkedIn etc.[/hypotext]
  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"]The Advisor Website Whitepaper and Ebook Creator[/hypotext][hypotext id="your-target-id"]We've often mentioned that great content is one of the best ways to generate high quality leads through your website. Our Whitepaper and Ebook creator helps advisors easily create content from the ground-up that can be added to their websites in order to generate quality leads. [/hypotext]
  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"] Best in FinTech: Top Tools to Maximize Your Web Presence[/hypotext][hypotext id="your-target-id"]A trove of  the best tools that financial technology has to offer. Vetted by industry experts and advisors alike, the ebook outlines how each of these tools can be seamlessly integrated with advisors' websites to help step-up their client acquisition and retention processes.[/hypotext]
  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"]Inbound Marketing: How to Turn Content Into Leads[/hypotext]
    [hypotext id="your-target-id"]
    In the age of the savvy shopper, consumers aren’t interested in being blatantly sold to. In fact, they’re doing everything in their power, with things like 'Do Not Call' lists and junk mail folders, to block out all forms of hard sells. However, while averse to being sold to, online prospects are keen on being informed – and that's where your strong content strategy jumps in! This ebook guides you through the step-by-step process of leveraging your content to generate leads![/hypotext]
  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"]18 Financial Marketing Insights From Industry Experts[/hypotext]
    [hypotext id="your-target-id"] From social media influencers to tech experts and industry thought leaders to communication specialists (and everything else in between!), this is the ebook that has the best bits of advice that the 'been-there-done-that' people have to offer. From tips on social media to how to successfully court the press, the experts reveal all.[/hypotext]
  • [hypotext target="your-target-id"]Referrals[/hypotext]
    [hypotext id="your-target-id"]Want to help you clients as they spread the word about your good work? We're helping you help them with a bunch of customizable referral templates! [/hypotext]

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Author: Kirtarath Dhillon

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