The Benefits of Using a CRM: 3 Hot Topics

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Representing Junxure at events is one of the best parts of my job. Not only do I get to meet with our clients who are excited to tell me how Junxure has made the difference in their firms, but I also get to meet with advisors who are new to CRM technology and are curious to learn what Junxure can do for them.

At a recent conference in San Francisco, the keynote speaker and advisor raved about his CRM and how it was integral to his business. I was surprised to learn later at the Junxure booth that many attendees did not currently use a CRM. The advisors I spoke to, as well as those I heard from in roundtable discussions, brought up familiar issues that are easily addressed with Junxure.

How do I streamline my office workflow?

Systematizing procedures was a primary focus of many roundtable discussions. Junxure clients chimed in often, promoting Junxure features that help with streamlining workflow, like action templates and action sequences. Anytime you can make a process more efficient or offer a quick double check, advisors are interested! And why wouldn't they be? Serving clients well and meeting compliance requirements are full-time responsibilities - daily work should flow smoothly to allow advisors to focus on their clients.

How can I segment my clients and service models?

Speaking of client service, advisors are talking about the benefits of client segmentation made possible by CRM. Advisors want a clear way to delineate who their clients are and how they take care of them. You know that saying, "Knowledge is power"? Understanding your clients and your service model and capturing that relationship in your CRM cuts right to the chase - and helps you deliver the right service to the right clients. And even better - you have a dependable record of the client touches and services provided. Did John get a birthday card this year? Did Susan get a check-in call in January? When did you mail your top tax clients the tax prep questionnaire? With Junxure, now you know.

How can I increase my firm's profitability?

As much as advisors want to focus solely on helping clients, there's something else that demands their attention - profitability. At the the most recent conference I attended, an advisor led a keynote session all about CRM systems and how integral they are to effective business - for both client service and profitability. He may as well as have said "You are nuts if you do not use a CRM!" and I couldn't agree more. With Junxure dashboards, you can see the big picture of what's going on with your team - like overall employee productivity or advisor workload - and what's going on with your clients - such as discretionary vs. managed accounts, incoming opportunities, and more.

As a previous Junxure user in my own firm and now a passionate advocate for our products and their efficacy, it is such a pleasure to attend conferences and learn that Junxure - both our technology and our consulting - is helping so many advisors help their clients. That's what building your dream firm is all about!


Junxure Consulting and Training helps advisors meet their firm's needs using Junxure technology and best practice insights. With industry expertise and years of experience using Junxure in their own firms, our consultants have helped advisors streamline workflow, segment clients and service models, measure and increase profitability, and more. For more information about how we can help you build your dream firm, contact Junxure Consulting at 866-586-9873, option 5 or

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