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Cowper Solutions has received confirmation that its application to join the Advisor Websites approved vendor program was successful. Cowper Solutions is now an official supplier of storytelling services and selling strategies to Advisor Websites clients and customers. Cowper Solutions also has the opportunity to resell Advisor Websites products and earns recurring commission.

Advisor Websites Approved Vendor: Cowper Solutions

About Cowper Solutions

Cowper Solutions specializes in helping advisors, consultants, and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses through the power of storytelling. "We are extremely excited about being part of this exciting program" said Donald Cowper, founder of Cowper Solutions. "Our goal is to help financial advisors incorporate storytelling in their marketing and selling strategies through written case studies, story scripts, books, e-books, speeches and presentations."

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to solve the above problems. Through stories, advisors and consultants can expose a risk, illustrate the benefits of an intangible solution and motivate prospects and clients to act. Stories are also a particularly effective tool for raising brand awareness, penetrating a new target market or going deeper in an existing target market.

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