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content marketing"Remarkable." The latest action movie was remarkable. That freshly baked lasagna tasted remarkable. That awesome cat in a knitted hat and scarf  is well...simply remarkable (even if he doesn't feel too remarkable himself). 

In all seriousness, although we may not use the word "remarkable" too commonly in our everyday vocabulary (and if so, then I congratulate you on experiencing many remarkable things in life), its definition may be cause to its rare usage. After all, the term refers to something outstanding, attention grabbing and of being worth noticing. Simply put, when something makes you go "HOLY SMOKES" or "WOW"...then it's most likely a remarkable thing.

Now let's divert from daily vernacular and shift our focus to the term "remarkable" in web development context. In this perspective, "remarkable" carries a slightly different meaning. A remarkable brand for a website means that people will likely refer to your website voluntarily. It naturally persuades its viewers to mention or recommend that site to a friend which of course, is a huge bonus in midst of website development. These websites continue to be brought up in conversations and are cited as credible sources of information. With their high profiles, they are deemed remarkable.

So the real question now is...what can you do to turn your very own website into a high profile one and in turn, generate a larger volume of traffic that you ultimately deserve?

Think Design But Don't Forget Content

While we often hear that the design of your website can be the "make it or break it" factor when determining its power to "wow" audiences, a site's content is just as (or even more) important in this regard. The design provides viewers with an immediate impression of the brand whereas the content is what develops that brand over the long term

Content. First off, what is content exactly? Content refers to the resources a company uses to promote its product/services at a website and can include information published on the website itself such as a blog. Remarkable content allows for a company to establish the respectability of its brand.

Insurance now let's introduce you to the right content to grant your website that shiny, shimmering status of having a remarkable brand.

Remarkable Content, Remarkable Brand

How do I develop exceptional content?

1.) Provide useful information:

  • It's essential that your website presents something that people would like to use; content that benefits them. A website will have a larger bounce rate (a bad thing) if visitors of the site do not see value from being on there. As a result, produce original content that solves a problem, gives advice or teaches something. It's not always about taking, but also about giving.
  • Stuck on where to obtain high quality content? Don't fret. Advisor Websites also provides amazingly useful content for financial advisors! Learn about our periodical content library loaded with pre-written articles!
  • Found content you would like to use from an outside source? Great! Feel free to insert a link to this source on your website!

2.) Stand out from the crowd

  • Learn to use new media to explore unique ways of getting across your message. Breaking free from traditional text based web interactions can give you a competitive edge in attracting more visitors to your site and thus, becoming a remarkable name in the industry. For instance, videos are a great and more modern source of presenting useful content today.

video marketing

3.) FAQs

  • Also known as "frequently asked questions", an FAQ section may not be the most exciting part on your website but it can definitely help people find what they are looking for faster. It makes the whole user interaction and experience a lot less frustrating and time-taxing.
  • You may also link your FAQs to other pages of your site where people can read more about a certain topic in more depth. Think of an FAQ page as the directory for remarkable content! 

Remarkable things may be rare but a remarkable website doesn't have to be hard to come by given the right content it provides. Now go out there and turn your website into a remarkable brand (maybe even more remarkable than that cat in a scarf).

Author: Fiona Leung

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